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Social Security & Labor Attorney Office



Mail Address: tsunoyama-sr@outlook.com 


Mobile phone : 090-6208-1200

Tel,Fax : 03-6325-4785

Acceptance hours : Weekday  AM 09:00 〜 PM 6:00 

 〒117-0041 7-29-211, 1-Chome, Shakujiimachi, Nerima-ku, Tokyo, Japan


First consultation (approximately 1 hour) is free of charge.


We propose the effective solutions whenever you are in trouble of recruitment, labor insurance and work rule issues !! 

Tsunoyama Labor Consulting Office ,certified by MHLW (Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare of Japan) as "Labor And Social Security Attorney" , will support you . 


If your company hires any nationality in Japan, Japanese social and labor laws are applied  -Territoriality Principle-. 

We will support employment insurances, labor insurances, and  Japan Labor Laws issues when you set up business in Japan or

when you are in trouble of labor issues, hiring, so on. 


 •Hiring recruitment of regular/non-regular employees 

 •Deal with statutory compulsory insurances procedures(applications/filings) 

 •Draw up work rules/ work contracts  (in Japanese, and other language) 

 •Japanese pension(disability, old-age pension) consulting 

 •Various subsidies from the government 

 •Labor consulting 






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"We will always pursue and provide you with maximum 

 value-added for the productive company."